Weather Phrasal Verbs

The majority of English Learners are afraid of Phrasal Verbs. But we come across them in all the topics.

Let’s cover WEATHER PHRASAL VERBS today.


We can say that SNOW or RAIN COMES DOWN meaning FALLS.

SP: caer; FR: tomber; RU: падать.

Suddenly the rain started to COME DOWN.


BEAT DOWN – we can use it to talk both about SUN and RAIN, meaning that the sun is shining very brightly or it’s raining heavily.

Don’t forget that BEAT is irregular: BEAT – BEAT – BEATEN.

Rain: SP: caer a plomo; FR: taper; RU: палить.

Sun: SP: caer chuzos de punta; FR: tomber à torrents; RU: ливмя лить.

I can’t believe it’s winter, the sun has been BEATING DOWN on us the whole day.

The rain BEAT DOWN very hard.

MIND the particle, in both cases we use DOWN, sth is FALLING!



It CLOUDS OVER = the sky becomes covered with clouds.

SP: nublarse; FR: se couvrir; RU: покрываться облаками.

We put off the picnic because in the morning it started to CLOUD OVER.


If the weather CLEARs UP, it means the rain and clouds go away, it becomes bright.

SP: despejarse; FR: se lever; RU: проясниться.

If it CLEARS UP tomorrow, we’ll go hiking.


If you want to say that it becomes sunnier, you can say it BRIGHTENS UP.

SP: aclararse; FR: se dégager; RU: просветлеть.

The weather is crazy today, it rained heavily for three hours then suddenly it BRIGHTENED UP.

MIND the particle, in the last two cases we use UP!

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